Education Institution of Believers Eastern Church



Our pride lies in the state-of-the-art ‘Play pen’ designed to suit the taste and requisites of toddlers, who have just learnt to walk and talk. It is not meant for developing academic skills. Homely atmosphere and caring teachers focus on the sensory, motor and social development. Our toddlers are only too happy to wonder, think, feel, and imagine. Children who go to play school do better in play school. Admission is given to children above 2.5 years.


We follow the British “Letterland”, a curriculum designed to help each child explore his or her innate potential. This child-friendly approach instills the joy of learning which sets the tone for the rest of their lives.

The creative play-way activities toned with the world of music, colour and toys stimulate the curiosity, guide them and help them to acquire skills, which make a positive difference to the formative years.

Of course our teachers like what they do. We have managed to keep class size to under 25 and will strive to keep it going.

Admission is subject to the seats available. There would be no admission test. However, parents are advised to understand the methodology and guiding principle before taking admission.


For a child, primary education is a crucial cornerstone for intellectual development. The skills they build and acquire during their primary years are the foundation of their life time of learning. With this in mind, Believers Church residential School has instituted a flexible syllabus which aims to accelerate students progress by using activity-based learning to encourage enthusiasm, motivation and confidence in all subject matters. After going through the syllabus, your child will be interested and group learning and focused thinking skills in all areas, they will have the foundation required to be highly successful in life.

Our students are continually assessed through the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) grading standard. You will be informed on your child’s progress and be given feedback on how to help your child develop further. In addition to this, all parents are given a forum to meet their child’s subject teachers every Tuesday from 3.30PM to 4.30PM. This system of constant two-way feedback has been extremely successful in helping students reach their highest potential.


The mainstream curriculum framed by the central Board of Secondary Education gives importance to acquiring of intellectual skills, as well as life skills to face global challenges. Optional subjects like Malayalam, Hindi and French are offered that will develop the students confidence to roam in multi nationals. Facilities are provided to children with special needs as well.

We encourage children to develop as independent thinkers and learners and be responsible to the self and members of the community by providing intellectual, physical and creative activities. We are focusing of children to demonstrate high level of confidence and enthusiasm. Our Developmental programmes, with no doubt provide it’s worth in attaining it’s objective.

Good news Friday is observed every Friday afternoon to install in them spiritual, moral and social awareness.

Senior Secondary

Successful students of the secondary school are given admission to the senior secondary which lasts for two years. Students seeking admission to this stage are expected to have eligible CGPA (credits).  The following combinations are offered for the senior school.

  • Group – I:     English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer science.
  • Group – II:    English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics/Psychology/Computer Science.
  • Group III: English, Accountancy , Economics, Business studies, Informatics Practices/
  • Group 4: English, History, Economics, political Science,Psychology/Informatics Practices.