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As November rains and Children’s Day blooms, our hearts throb for those less fortunate and needy hands. While India celebrates the day of children, BCRS instigates the need for an action – for a positive change.

Our motto – “Help people who can’t help themselves”.

The great cause saw the birth of Phantasm Jamboree in the year 2014. This fund raising programme reached the pinnacle of success, when every penny collected reached the hands of needy cancer patients, the endosulphan victims and the little ones who had to undergo a surgery of the heart.

Your support brought in newer smiles, newer days, and newer life. Thank you for your kindness.

As we proceed with Phantasm Jamboree III, may we request you to be part of the God given opportunity? Your support and generosity will make a difference to the lives of at least a few people. Thank you for your precious time.