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preschool01Preschool is a time of rapid growth and development, and our preschool curriculum is designed while keeping in mind the physical and intellectual developmental characteristics of 3 – 5 year olds. From reading and art to math and science, our preschoolers learn something about everything.

We follow the British Letterland system – a multisensory and phonic method of instruction for teaching English in our classes. Children can identify sounds, learn, understand and use a wide variety of new words. The letterland method of instruction ensures that every class is entertaining, developmentally appropriate and is set in a language rich environment. This method enables children to exhibit an ability to comprehend and apply language rules without explicit instruction. Incorporation of popular rhymes in our daily schedule provides a fun and active playground for phonemic awareness and significantly enhances early reading skills.

Our math program helps children make sense of the world around them and teaches them to reason and problem-solve. Teachers build on children’s prior knowledge and capitalize on their spontaneous discoveries to further their understanding of mathematical concepts.  Children work at their math concepts even when they are not sitting at desks with workbooks or memorizing addition tables.  They learn about numbers by counting objects and discussing the results, by reading counting books and by reciting number rhymes.

They practice constructing shapes and discuss their properties. They compare the height of a pencil with the height of an umbrella as they learn how to measure. They measure each other and our teachers reinforce children’s findings by asking questions and by making observations. They learn to recognize patterns of different colors and sizes in their clothes, beads and blocks. They practice reproducing simple patterns by stringing beads and copying designs with colored blocks. They sort objects by color, size, and shape, count them, and record the data on graphs and charts.

Different Science projects and experiments are done in and out of the class to encourage children to ask questions and see if they can find ways of answering those questions. Our art and craft classes instill a love of creating while reinforcing the educational / developmental goals of the student. Teachers make sure that children have lots of fun as they work with open-ended materials and give wings to their creativity.

The most important aspect of our curriculum is play. We firmly believe that children learn through play and that it’s through play that they begin to understand their world. They develop socialization skills by playing with other children, learn to solve problems in an environment that is supportive to this process, and also develop critical thinking skills necessary to ask questions and figure out how things work. Through these activities children continue to further strengthen their language development. Our dramatic play centers also play a crucial role as they aid in their social, emotional and language development.

The motto of our preschool is to ensure that children have lots and lots of fun as they learn because we believe that ‘FUN’ is always a wonderful foundation to build upon!
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