Education Institution of Believers Eastern Church

Principal’s Message

principal01It’s great to say that God Almighty has blessed BCRS with all abundance. The past is our pride and the future our mission to accomplish. Education is not an answer to the entire question. It’s a means to answer all the questions. A journey in pursuit of truth to transform a human personality into a noble soul. We set our eyes on the life long learning and encourage our teachers and students to look beyond just passing examination. We are here to convert this tunnel of learning into a tunnel of enlightenment.

As you browse through these pages of this website, you will notice a wealth of opportunity offered to our students. Take advantage of the tremendous academic experience.

Our results speak volumes to our hard work. Our students are our leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Others may be there to keep or teach us and guide us but the lessons to be learned are all ours.

Our programs or study renders a rigorous, relevant and reverberating relationship which provides success. We respect and nurture every child, an education to change the lives, strong men to face the world, fine gentlemen to be beautiful human beings.

Thank you for stopping to surf through these pages. Wish you all the best.


Shirley Ann Thomas