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Respected Parents/Guardian,

We are entering another holiday season. While we reflect on the many blessings the God Almighty has bestowed on us I am grateful to all parents, staff, students and well wishers for your love and support. Amidst challenges and competition our students achieved and succeeded. As they celebrate the holidays, do set aside some time to practice what they learnt and catch up on areas they have not understood so well. This will help them in the next academic year to learn new concepts and ideas. To be on the safe side may we also request you to keep track of their social networking.

Once again thank you for entrusting your children with us. Wishing you all a meaningful holiday.

Do take time to make a note of these important dates as it contains information for the next academic year.

* Open house for the academic year 2015-16:       1st  April,2016,Friday.

* School re-opens for classes IX, X and XII:           2nd May 2016, Monday.

* School re-opens for classes I to VIII, and UKG: 1st  June 2016, Wednesday.

* School re-opens for LKG:                                  6th  June 2016, Monday.

* School re-opens for class XI:                            8th  June 2016, Wednesday.

* Distribution of stationery: Between 09:00 am to 02:00 pm according to the schedule given below:

              For Class IX            :                                      28th April 2016, Thursday

              For Class X              :                                     29th April 2016, Friday

              For Class VII & VIII:                                     4th May 2016, Wednesday.

              For Class V & VI      :                                     5th May 2016, Thursday.

              For Class III & IV    :                                     6th May 2016, Friday

              For Class I & II        :                                     9th May 2016, Monday

              For LKG & UKG       :                                     10th May 2016, Tuesday

              For siblings              :                                     11th May 2016, Wednesday

* School buses will ply only in the following routes between 2nd and 26th May 2016.

  • Chenganur to school and back, Kozhencherry to school and back.
  • All the other students who wish to avail school bus facility will be picked from, at 08:40 am, and dropped at Thiruvalla private bus stand.
  • School buses will not ply on pocket roads.

* All fees (except for stationery) are to be paid through any one of the banks.

HDFC Bank:                                   A/C No. 02011450000102

SOUTH INDIAN BANK:                  A/C No. 0079053000018550

AXIS BANK:                                       A/C No. 912010047100292

FEDERAL BANK:                        A/C No. 10290200012032                


With Regards,