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The following information is being forwarded to you for your thorough check-up. Hope you have already checked the following in the document shown to you

(a) Name of the candidate (b) Mother’s name (c) Father’s name (d) Date of birth (e) Sex

(f) Category and (g)  Subject combination.

  • The board expects obtaining signatures of mother, father and the candidate as well.
  • The board has introduced two levels of mathematics in grade IX, Mathematics Standard (sub code: 041) and Mathematics Basic (sub code: 241). For further clarification you may refer to the circular no: F.1002/CBSE/Dir(Acad)/Mathematics/2019 dated 10th January, 2019. We remind you again that once you have made a choice between the Mathematics Standard and Mathematics Basics, you will in no case be permitted to change at a later time.
  • Students opting for Mathematics Basic ( sub code: 241) cannot opt for Mathematics ( sub code: 041) at the senior secondary level. However, they can opt for Applied Mathematics (sub code: 241) at the senior secondary level. Students opting for Mathematics Standard (sub code: 041) have the option to choose either Mathematics (sub code: 041) or Applied Mathematics ( sub code: 241) at the senior secondary level.

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