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Circular – 22/03/2012

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Respected Parents/Guardian,

As we approach the end of another school year, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks for being partners in this process of educating your child. We thank you for your co-operation and support. We have had another busy, successful year. Do take time to make a note of these important dates as it contains information for the next academic year.




Open house for the academic year 2012-13


5th April 2013, Friday.




School re-opens for classes IX, X and XII


2nd May 2013, Thursday.




School re-opens for classes I to VIII, Playschool, LKG and UKG:


3rd June 2013, Monday.

Distribution of stationery:



Class IX


29th April 2013, Monday.


Classes VII and VIII


2nd  May 2013, Thursday


Classes III and IV


8th May 2013, Wednesday


Classes V and VI


6th  May 2013, Monday


Classes I and II


10th May 2013, Friday


For Siblings


13th May 2013, Monday






School buses

School buses will ply only in the following routes between 2nd and 29th May 2013.

  •  Chenganur to school and back, Ranni to school and back.
  • All the other students who wish to avail school bus facility will be picked from, at 08:40am, and dropped at  Thiruvalla private bus stand .
  • School buses will not ply on pocket roads.


* Also do understand swimming is part of the school curriculum and therefore will not be an optional in the next academic year.

*All fee (except for stationery) are to be paid through any one of the banks from the next academic year 2013-14. Services of the following banks are available for payment:


HDFC Bank A/C No. 02011450000102
SOUTH INDIAN BANK A/C No. 0079053000018550
AXIS BANK A/C No. 912010047100292
SBT BANK (Service will be made available from May, 2013 onwards)


Finally may I take this opportunity to wish you and your children a happy, safe and enjoyable vacation.

With Regards


NB: Do watch our children programme Arise and Shine scheduled to be telecast on AY TV on 27th of April 2013 at 07:30pm.